Contempt of Parliament?

Contempt of Parliament?

Let’s have a little chat about that, shall we………


A ‘grease pot’, otherwise known as an ‘automatic flange lubricator’, disconnected from the track – one of dozens, removed, or disconnected pending removal. Is this a deliberate strategy to promote excessive wear and higher maintenance costs and thus, greater profits being delivered to the world’s greatest railway tenant?

(See a small selection of the available photographic evidence at the end of this article.)

What is “Contempt of Parliament”? (Sounds serious, doesn’t it? – and it is!) Well, among many other things, it is defined as;

deliberately attempting to mislead the House or a committee (by way of statement, evidence, or petition);

Some time back, when V/Line were in the throes of their little ‘excessive wheel wear’ debacle, which caused massive cancellations, substitute bus services and an estimated cost of between 50-60 million dollars,(probably grossly understated!);

(We ‘broke’ that story, see:

the then CEO of Metro Trains Melbourne, (and now self-appointed CEO of Metro Trains Australia), told the Standing Committee on Economy & Infrastructure at a Parliamentary Inquiry that;

Mr LEZALA– as we saw in London in 2005, in Hong Kong in the early 90s and Singapore more recently—that you can get a cascading effect once you have got that kind of wheel damage and high friction between wheel and rail until you restore your lubrication regime. (The ‘lubrication regime’ that should NEVER have been compromised in the first place? – Ed) I would stress that it is very hard to predict what lubrication regime you need when you change a railway. (Why change something that’s working? – Ed) Lots of railways experience similar kinds of problems. So of course our vigilance on our wheels as we share tracks with V/Line on certain corridors was to make sure that our wheels were not wearing at an increased rate. What we did find is we have got some drying of grease (“drying of grease” –That’s code for NOT ENOUGH OF IT – Ed) around the network, so we stepped up our lubrication regime (By REMOVING passive lubricating systems? – Ed) to try and avoid any cascade, and so far that has kept everything under control. (Oh it has, has it? Ed)


Rushall Main Line Derailment – Grease pots on the Down line clearly visible, but were they, and those on the Up line, properly filled and maintained?

And further on, on page 17, in relation to the Rushall main line derailment;

Mr FINN—Was the derailment last week as a result of overlubrication of the tracks, or was it something unrelated?

Mr LEZALANo, it was not overlubrication. That is under investigation between ourselves and the national regulator, and we expect to have some results of the analysis. The track has been analysed and cleared by ourselves and the regulator for service, (But we did a lot of repair work anyway – Ed) so it was not a track issue necessarily. What we are now looking at is the vehicle itself, and particularly the bogie concerned and the suspension system, so we are just analysing that. 9 February 2016 Standing Committee on Economy and Infrastructure (pages) 16 & 17

The Age reported that“…….Metro chief executive Andrew Lezala was grilled (at an embarrassingly low temperature – no blowtorches applied to corporate belly’s here! – Ed.) by (clueless and gullible – Ed.) state MPs at a parliamentary hearing into the V/Line crisis on February 9.

Mr Lezala told MPs that, in response to V/Line’s problems, Metro had checked that its trains were not also suffering wheel wear, then increased track greasing (By REMOVING passive lubricating systems? – Ed) as a precaution. “We stepped up our lubrication regime to try and avoid any cascade, (See previous comment – Ed) and so far that has kept everything under control,” derailed-metro-train-20161002-grt8hl.html

But there was also a second derailment the next night, involving a ‘track machine’ – the IEV100 (previously called the EM100).

The Age reported that;

The second derailment occurred the following night, forcing Metro to review and increase its

track greasing regime. Mr Sekulitch wrote on May 18 (more than two months later?) that after the two derailments, “MTM has initiated a program of work to ensure adequate lubrication across the network for all vehicle types.” derailed-metro-train-20161002-grt8hl.html

That all sounds VERY reassuring, doesn’t it? Exactly as it was intended to be.

BUT, excuse us for being somewhat cynical; How exactly is it, that disconnecting and removing ‘grease pots’ result in “…increased track greasing…..” and, “….ensure(s) adequate lubrication…..” ?


2 grease pots have been removed from this section of track leading into a 60km/h reverse curve – ‘overflow’ or ‘splatter’ remains long after the grease pots are gone.

Yes – DISCONNECTING and REMOVING automatic flange lubricators.

A strategy GUARANTEED to INCREASE wheel and rail wear, requiring more frequent maintenance and more frequent replacement of wheel sets and ‘chewed out’ rails, which equals more dollars and profits to Ebola for ‘work performed’. Not as spectacular or immediate as V/Line’s collapse, just a ‘nice little earner’ on the side. That’s astonishingly good value for the taxpayer’s of Victoria, isn’t it!


‘Chewed out’ (excessively worn gauge face) rails, newly removed (the rail heads are still ‘shiny’) from a curve on the Glen Waverley line. And this after the line was shut for extensive rehabilitation works just 4 years ago – See;

Some replacement of rails is, of course, a normal and necessary part of routine maintenance, and stacks of unserviceable rails like this can be found throughout the system. But when it follows on from the wholesale removal of flange lubricators and several instances of grinding/milling you have to ask the appropriate questions, don’t you?

It’s just a damned shame that the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Economy & Infrastructure didn’t ask the appropriate questions, isn’t it?

It’s yet ANOTHER shonky racket – one among many – that Ebola have ‘engineered’ to maximise their ‘take’, and which the Government, the Minister and PTV allow to continue, unchecked.

But it does save on the OUTRAGEOUS cost of grease, ($40.00/kg for lithium/graphite compound greases) and wages for staff to service and refill the grease pots, in an operation netting the tenants better than $2 billion a year)

We say, that this is a continuation of Ebola’s deliberate policy to sabotage Victoria’s rail infrastructure FOR PROFIT.

And the creeping death of removal – programmed neglect – is hard to spot – unless you happen to have sequential ‘before and after’ pictures, or happen to be watching VERY closely.

These rapacious parasites are here for the long-haul, and they plan to steal just as much taxpayer’s money as they can – as much as the Government will let them!

Grease pots have been fitted in these locations, often for decades, based on long experience, common sense and good operational practice.

In other words, they’re there for a reason!

SO WHO WAS IT, AT PTV, WHO ALLOWED OR AUTHORISED THIS – and why do they still have a job?

And why is this vandalism and sabotage allowed to continue?


Linsinger ‘rail destroyer’ at Glen Waverley, October 2014.

And, in that regard, there’s also the periodic visitations of the Linsinger Rail Milling Gang, to grind and mill years – if not decades – of operational life out of the rails, adding to the replacement cost, which of course requires a ‘project’, to remediate, and thereby generate ADDITIONAL PROFITS for Ebola, aided and abetted – as always – by their crooked mates at PTV.

Is someone guilty of spinning porkies to a Parliamentary Inquiry?

Is Andy Brunel ‘in contempt of’, or guilty of ‘misleading Parliament’?

“The Economy and Infrastructure Committee (Legislation and References) is a Standing Committee appointed by the Legislative Council. In the 58th Parliament, its members were appointed on 16 April 2015.”

So they would be a committee of the Parliament, as defined above?

A committee who should not be misled by way of “statement, evidence, or petition.”

Do they care that they were misled – either intentionally or inadvertently? Do they care that they may have been deliberately misled?

Will they take any action in that regard?

Will they recall Andy Brunel for a further interrogation?

Many politicians, on both sides, including the Minister and EVERY MEMBER of the Parliamentary Inquiry were FULLY INFORMED of the many scams being perpetrated.

And yet the Minister, Jacinta Allen, and the State Government NOT ONLY TOOK NO ACTION against Metro – they granted them ‘preferred tenderer’ status, and are on track to hand them ANOTHER 15+ billion taxpayer dollars over the next 7 years!

Are these REALLY the kind of people to be entrusted with billions of taxpayer dollars and the stewardship of Melbourne’s public transport system?


You make up your own mind………….we already have!

Additional images of this insidious and ONGOING sabotage below. (The sort of evidence that PTV should be gathering and using to launch prosecutions and the case against MTM being allowed to tender.) Dozens more – with dates and locations – are available upon request!


1 grease pot disconnected, pending removal.


3 out of 4 grease pots removed.


1 grease pot disconnected, pending removal.


1 grease pot disconnected, pending removal.


1 grease pot removed – 55km/h curve.


1 grease pot removed.


1 grease pot removed.


  1. grease pot disconnected pending removal.


  2. grease pots removed and a bonus mud hole to be going on with!


  1. out of 2 grease pots removed, 40km/h reverse curve.


  2. grease pots disconnected pending removal, 30km/h curve.

We eagerly await the official whitewash of the Rushall derailment, to be published here; eventually; maybe.

Further (and highly recommended) reading; derailed-metro-train-20161002-grt8hl.html 60m/news-story/f65030dab68362cf8552474041734393

R3.110 Combined Final Reports Updated


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