Where the Priorities Are

Where the Priorities (?) Are –

Here’s the latest admissions of failure from the worlds most pathetic railway;

65 Category A SPADS in just 9 months of 2016, an average of 7.2 per month or 86 per year (extrapolated).

That’s more than double Connex’s WORST, and more than 3 times their average.

(And that’s just the ones they ‘admit to’, after the various fiddles, ‘adjustments’, re-numberings and ‘reclassifications’.)

The actual number is AT LEAST 15% higher than that – and probably closer to 25%!

So “concerned” are these geniuses, that they “Spotlight” the matter on page 4 (of 4 pages) in the October Catchpoints ‘newsletter’.

That’s right, the very last page.


So that would be a 25 watt incandescent Spotlight, then?

And WHY, when they introduced the ‘Financial Year’ accounting method for SPADS, do they now work on the calendar year?

Wouldn’t have anything to do with record numbers of SPADS for October, November and December last year, would it?

They wouldn’t try to ‘manipulate the figures’ to give an overly positive picture, now would they!

Then we get to Signal EPP110 – also buried on page 4.

SPADS - EPP110 - p4 Catchpoints - Oct 2016.jpg

admitted Category A SPADS since 2013, or, better than 2 a year at just one signal!

And so, dragged kicking and screaming, to the acceptance that it’s actually a Signal Engineering issue, they’re finally, belatedly, reluctantly, getting off their overpaid and over-rated blurters and doing ‘something’ about it.  

What’s the bet though, that they didn’t ‘reimburse’ or ‘credit’ or lessen the penalties for ANY of the drivers they shafted over SPADS at EPP110?



  1. Former Instructor Driver - 30 years experience and disgusted with the current state of affairs!

    Double Blocking, and/or a Co-actor and/or Speed Proving train stops would all help.
    So would ‘High Capacity’ or ‘Moving Block’ signalling – don’t hold your breath waiting for that, though!
    (The trial on the Sandringham line never got past the announcement.)

    BUT; ‘Instructors’ with limited experience (2 years…?); an appalling (and getting worse) training ethos; an UNHEALTHY and DANGEROUS company focus on ‘On Time Running’, (“Every Minute Matters” – to our bonuses!); backed up by micro-management harassment and little or no oversight or involvement by the authorities means this is the ‘new normal’ – and it’s all downhill from here!

    The end result of which will inevitably be one or more multi-fatality ‘accidents’.
    As surely as this happened in the UK after privatisation, it will happen here.
    The only questions are; When; Where; and How many will die?
    There are many ‘Multi-SPAD Signals’ throughout the network – Metro act in this case, ONLY because it’s SO bad, even they can no longer ignore it, and so they blame anything and anyone but themselves………..

    Metro are full of shit – PROFIT, not safety, is their first (only?) and most important consideration.
    Keep your families OFF the trains, and be VERY afraid.


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