Code Brown


“So, with the Spring Racing Carnival just around the corner, It’s “CODE BROWN” all round – (i.e. – METRO are shitting themselves about off rosters, absenteeism and their inability to resolve the problems they ‘built in’)!
They won’t do ANYTHING to fix the actual problems though, and resort to ‘blaming the union’ for their own failures.
Does anyone, other than the brain-dead Minister, actually fall for this shit?”
Harley Charlie – September 27, 2016 – 12:43 pm – comment on:
Ebola MIGHT have the inside running on the franchise renewal, but they’re clearly not ‘winning the hearts and minds’ of their drivers!
The driver’s ‘Lack of Interest’ continues to expand!
Monday 26th – 50 ‘Open’ Shifts
Tuesday 27th – 50 ‘Open’ Shifts
Wednesday 28th – 60 ‘Open’ Shifts
Thursday 29th – 29 ‘Open’ Shifts, plus major errors in, and non issue of, 160 shift alterations (called ‘slips’) resulting in huge numbers of cancellations and chronic late running in the AM Peak.  

Slip Errors 29-09-16.jpg
Friday 30th – 30 ‘Open’ Shifts – Lack of Interest Book – almost 3 pages – 80 say ‘Who, me?’ – (Public Holiday, pays double time and a half).
Saturday 1st – 33 ‘Open’ Shifts – Lack of Interest Book – 7& 1/2 pages – 238 say ‘Fuck you, it’s the Grand Final!’ (11th shift for most, pays double time)
Sunday 2nd – Lack of Interest Book – 6 pages – 186 say ‘Let me think about that for a second, NAH!’ (pays double time)
The Dictator – sorry, I meant Director – of Operations, refuses to listen to his managers – and he has DOZENS of them among the 1245 ‘managers’ of something or other within METRO.
Mere middle-level managers are not allowed to have an opinion, and are actively discouraged from voicing it. (And ignored when they do!)
Doing so makes them “not team players” and halfway to their next job with a new employer.
“The drivers will run out of sick leave before I run out of shit shifts to give them”, says the Director.

Well, that might be true in some cases Ron, but NONE of them are obliged to work more than 19 days a month.
(A ‘month’ in this context being a 28 day ‘cycle’, of which there are 13 in a year.)
That’s 9 days a month – not including sickies – that they can say “ahh, no thanks!”
1000 drivers, 9 days a month…………potentially 9,000 shifts not covered EVERY MONTH.
30 sickies a day (on average), 30 days in a month, is another 900 – so nearly 10,000 per MONTH, or an average of 333 a day.
You want to have ‘a lazy hundred’ on who’s going to win that one Ron?
Working ‘Bare Time’ – i.e. 7.6hrs/day x 19 day month x 12 months with some weekend work, shift penalties etc., and four weeks annual leave, drivers can now easily earn over $100,000.00 a year.
So why would ANY of them come to work on an Off Roster Day?
THE BIGGEST PROBLEM – by a ratio of 9 to 1- is the shithouse rostering and working conditions.
Unnecessarily, malignantly and deliberately imposed by the company ‘because we can’.
So WHY would you think that any of them would want to do anything that would ‘help the company out’?
Why WOULDN’T they ‘pre-plan’ a sickie or two, on the crappiest day/s of their fortnight? 

The drivers simply don’t have to be there more than 19 days a month, and many of them won’t. 
And that will continue, and it will continue to get worse.
Even Blind Freddy can see that.

It’s such a shame that ‘Deaf Ronny’ can’t…………..

One comment

  1. Ex Upper Gully "Sig"

    What it means is Metro in general amd Ron in particular have not learned a bloody thing since we shut it down last year.


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