An Identity Crisis; A Maintenance Crisis; Or just another Imported Management FAILURE?

An Identity Crisis; A Maintenance Crisis; Or just another Imported Management FAILURE?

The ‘Infinite Monkey Theorem’, (Borel, 1913), and endless variations on the theme ever since), speculates that if you give enough

monkeys enough typewriters and enough time they will eventually write Hamlet, or War and Peace, or some other voluminous,

specified text…..

Well, here’s living proof of the very latest modern variation;
“If you give enough Metro Monkeys (Managers) and/or PTV enough office equipment, enough cable ties and enough time, they will eventually

figure out a way to make and fit temporary replacement signal numbers on the Glen Waverley Line” while they wait for the ‘real ones’ from Taiwan.

Printed on paper, inside plastic ‘sleeve protectors’ and ‘cable tied’ to the signal post!

No expense spared there!
War and Peace it ain’t – but they’re working on it.
And it only took them a little over 2 months to reach this level of sophistication!
I wonder if someone sent ‘Identity Crisis to the ONRSR, and their ‘spanking of the Metro Monkeys’ had anything to do with it?

Since late June 2016, particularly observant Drivers, and those silly enough to bother to report the missing numbers, have been told that; “Yes, we know about that driver, but the numbers are on order FROM TAIWAN, and should be replaced in SIX MONTHS – or thereabouts”!

Say What?

Nobody, anywhere in Australia can make a few enamel signs, on ‘Special Order’ in less than a week?  Have we come to this?

Not a single sign-writer in the wide brown land can paint one, or organise a self-adhesive, long-life vinyl replacement, pending?

Or is it simply that someone’s getting a kickback from Wu Chan Industries?

Nothing like the world’s slickest, most professional Railway Operator, is there?
And Note – that none of these ‘minor issues’ are included in the 5,838 ‘Track Faults’ on the network, because these are ‘Signal Faults’.
And ‘Signal Faults’ don’t count………..
And besides, these have been ‘unresolved’ only since June.


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  1. Graeme Skinner

    Australia needs to learn from the mistakes made overseas. Privatisation of public utilities has been and is a monumental disastor. The idea that private is better is so wrong. We only need to look at the cost to consumers and taxpayers as privateers rip the heart out of our country and we pay dearly for our basic services. It is way past time that Governments had the courage and foresight to take back control and stop the rorting and corruption which is endemic in our country.


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