Metro Removing Safety Restrictions

Metro Removing Safety Restrictions (Without Doing Anything To Fix The Problem.)

So, in the continuing saga of ‘Born to Rule’ and ‘By God, the serfs will do as they’re told’ management, there’s this little exchange;

On Wednesday, June 22nd Ebola unilaterally declared that the 90km/h maximum speed applicable to X’Trapolis trains was no longer applicable because Wyatt, acting under instructions, says so.

xtrap speed rest rescinded

Apparently not content with the current record of 125+ SPADS per annum, (3-4 times the worst under Connex) they want to increase that, and go for a record number of train/train collisions as well.

Having done nothing to address the deficient braking of the X’Trapolis fleet at speeds above 90km/h, Ebola apparently are of the view that the trains will likewise do as they’re told.

This of course is an attempt to defy the laws of physics.

Well, since when did Ebola care about laws of any kind?

On Thursday, June 23rd the Union, Transport Safety Victoria and the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator were informed of this irregular, unlawful and dangerous alteration to operating conditions.

In keeping with Metro’s usual operating procedure, Metro Management have refused to meet with the RTBU, preferring instead to go with “Because we said so.”

On Friday June 24th, Circular 20433  was issued by the Union.

xtrap union.jpg

Since the matter is now officially ‘In Dispute’, the status quo remains, and the Speed Restriction remains in force.

Now we’ll see what Fair Work knows about physics.

I suspect not very much.


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