More Harassment For Metro Employees

In December last year, one of our contributors reported on some of the methods Metro Trains Melbourne use to Bully and Harass their workers.

Harassment in its Many Forms and Types

We have since learned that Metro have actually taken this a step further, with some immediate Supervisors actually accompanying their employees INTO the doctor’s office and then arguing with the Doctor over the employee’s inability to return to work.

Now, Metro Trains Melbourne have introduced a new mandate on their compulsory harassment schedule:

The “Welfare” Check for employees who are sick.

Employees who report as injured have already been stalked and harassed by management in their hospital rooms (with internal “investigations” reporting “no fault found”),

now employees who report as sick will be subjected to further harassment and phone calls from overzealous management in an effort to drive staff morale to an all time low.

More harrassment3

Of course, Metro Management use the terms “welfare” and “support”.  Because everybody knows that corporate managers only want the best for their employees.

Metro Managers in training.

Metro Managers in training.

What’s next? Management visits to the homes of sick employees?

When are Metro Trains Melbourne going to change their ‘Company Values’ to reflect what they really believe?  That they OWN their employees and that their employees have NO right to privacy outside of their workplace?

Perhaps it’s time that the Fair Work Act is changed to protect the employees right to privacy?


One comment

  1. Eleese Wyborn

    Gets worse when you’ve worked for Metro for the past 5+ years and leave to further your career in the rail industry suddenly all the training you completed while emplyed for metro which is supposed to be nationally accredited and recognised disappears off your RIW card and Metro Academy plays incompetence and Dumb and only issues you outdated certificates …


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