More Metro Maintenance Fails

Metro Trains Melbourne seem to be not just saving huge amounts of money on track maintenance, but are also pocketing money from the State Government that should be going towards maintenance of buildings and surrounds.

Anyone that has spent any time around Flinders Street Station in the past five years during rain can attest to the ridiculous state of the guttering over the platforms.  Last week and this week past, during heavy rain, a train pulled into platform 1 and passengers exiting some of the doors received an unexpected shower.  The same shoddy roofing can be found on most other platforms, as well as a number of other stations across the network.

Position, Position, Position b2

This is not new.  This is a problem ignored by Metro Trains Melbourne for years now.

Position, Position, Position d

The Metro Memes Facebook page shared, at the start of January, the following picture of the platform building at Mordialloc:


Metro have since “repaired” this, by screwing a rectangular piece of plywood over the top of it.  This is only slightly surprising as Metro’s usual policy of “Put another coat of paint over it” was not used.

What of Metro’s solution for the collapsing retaining wall at Armadale?


Metro have failed in their obligation and duty to maintain the tracks, buildings and trains:


The railways almost ground to a halt last year due to Metro Trains Melbourne ordering and installing cheaper Chinese made air-cooled capacitors into the Siemens fleet of trains instead of the Siemens approved oil-cooled capacitors.  This cheaper money-saving option caused the Static Inverters on the Siemens trains to explode.


Panels from the Siemens Static Inverter Box on the Ground after they exploded.

Air compressors on the Comeng fleet of trains have also been exploding, as Metro refuse to take them out of service to be fixed.



A huge chunk of a Comeng Air Compressor missing after it exploded.


The Victorian Government need to explain to the Victorian Public why they keep trying to run this Public Service as a money making business, when the only people making money from it are the shareholders of the managing companies.


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