An Open Letter to Jacinta Allan

Reprinted here:

An Open Letter to;

Jacinta Allan, MP
Minister for Public Transport
Level 20, 1 Spring Street,
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Yes, Minister…………….!
Courage is called for in Victoria Ms. Allan – and Courageous decision making to accompany it.

Courage that is, sadly, lacking in your unsigned ‘Statement On V/Line’ of 20th, 2016 – see;

It’s clear that the rail privatisation experiment in Victoria is an abject failure – a failure which has too long endured.
The question, of course, is; what’s to be done?
Well here’s a few helpful suggestions:

1. Re-amalgamate the state’s rail system – owned and paid for by generations of taxpayers of Victoria – into a vertically integrated, broad-reaching freight and passenger transportation operation.


2. Turn it, finally, to serving the needs of shippers, passengers and the economic interests of the state, as a state owned and run entity, managed by people with knowledge and experience of the rail industry of Victoria;
3. Repudiate, once and for all, the notion that these objectives can be met, and the needs of the stake-holders – shippers, passengers, taxpayers and the broader Victorian community – satisfied, by any organisation whose primary focus is profit.
4. Get rid of the dead wood, and self-aggrandising ‘Empire Building’ parasites and fools at PTV – the faceless, Teflon-coated co-conspirators and cowboys, who kowtow to the Kowloon & Con-job Railway and it’s plethora of 457 fraudsters in the corporate management menagerie.

In fact, get rid of PTV altogether, and anyone associated with it. It is a creature of the Baillieu/Napthine government, a bastard-child of the Kennett regime and the DOI, and it, and they are forever tainted.
They are the people who have lied, misled and ill-advised you.
They are the people who have spurned their responsibilities to the taxpayers of this state and led to the decline in standards and safety and who, directly and indirectly, HAVE CAUSED the current situation of dozens of unroadworthy trains, unsafe level crossings, and questionable operational practices.
They are the people how have – and continue – to damage Victoria in pursuit of their own self interest.
Recognise this and act sooner rather than later, and you may save the railway and the state’s economy.


5. Institute a Royal Commission with wide terms of reference into the entire Rail Privatisation fiasco.

Expose the shameless rackets, and corrupt practices; name names and prosecute the criminals.
Otherwise, the same people and forces which helped deliver you to government will turn against you.
The same ‘whispering assassins’, media informers and document leakers who so effectively nobbled the previous Liberal Government will turn their attentions to the current incumbents.

This time, the ‘death of a thousand leaks’ will be your nemesis – and your downfall.

Are you that courageous, Minister?

You remain madam, my humble servant;
Gordon W. Anderson

Long suffering rail patron!



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