The ‘Metro’ Brand and it’s ‘Caretakers’

Throughout their tenure so far, of running Victoria’s Electric Railways, Metro Trains Melbourne has given us some funny moments.  Times where they say one thing and do something completely different.  Here is a new one:


Lying Flogs

An excerpt from the ‘Metro Express’, Metro’s weekly employee newsletter.


There are a couple of lines in there to remember as you look at the gallery below: “Looking after the Metro Brand is a big and important job…” and “The Metro brand is designed to present Metro as the confident and responsible team that puts Melbourne’s traveling public first.”


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Connex used to remove Graffitied trains from service as a deterrent.  MTM keep running them all day long, on occasions cancelling other trains to ensure that the vandalised ones can keep running until last service.

Obviously MTM don’t really care about their ‘duties’ as the ‘caretaker’ of the Metro brand *that* much…




One comment

  1. The Shadow

    I can’t help but notice the near universal ‘common element’ in these pictures is the prominent ‘tag’ of
    ‘the artist’ – PTV……!
    And all this time I thought THEY were working for US, and keeping the privateers honest.
    Silly me.


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