Metro Trains Bully and Harass Worker

The last time we reported on this was, it was regarding allegations that Metro Managers stalked a female train driver who went to her own doctor following injury.  The Metro Managers allegedly trapped her in a bathroom and attempted to force her into a taxi to go to their medical provider of choice.  If you didn’t think Metro could sink lower in their treatment of their staff, be prepared to be shocked.

Metro have taken their unethical and depraved behavior another step further.


Metro Take Harassment to a new low.

The Rail Tram and Bus Union received a complaint on the 6th of November 2015:

A young female driver was experiencing chest pains whilst on duty and advised her superiors that she was unable to continue her journey.  She was met by an ambulance at a station mid-way through her trip and was taken to hospital for treatment and observation.

It is alleged that whilst she and her sister were in a curtained cubicle, with the young female train driver in a state of undress, that a male Metro Manager put his head through the curtains and asked the two young ladies if they knew who he was.  They responded that they didn’t.  The young female driver felt embarrassed, uncomfortable and vulnerable because she had electrodes attached to her chest whilst being examined.  It is further alleged that moments later two other male Metro Managers entered the cubicle unannounced, uninvited and without permission.

The complaint was forwarded to the CEO of Metro Trains Melbourne: Andrew Lezala.

It is believed that there has been no formal response from Metro despite the claim by some Metro Managers that an investigation has been completed.

Why do Metro’s Managers think that they are entitled to behave in this manner?


Letter from the RTBU to Andrew Lezala.

Letter from the RTBU to Andrew Lezala.



When ever Metro Management overstep the mark in this respect, they always fall back on their catch-all excuse that “We have a duty of care to our employees”.

Does this “Duty of Care” entitle them to harass and bully their employees?  According to them: Yes.


It has been alleged that one of the Male Metro Managers involved in the incident above spends a large amount of his work-time stalking through the social media profiles of his young-female employees.  It is believed that he has reprimanded a female train driver for posting ‘risque’ pictures on her own Instagram account.  These ‘risque’ pictures are believed to have been selfies of her in a pair of shorts.


nazi ss

Just like Nazi’s, Metro’s Managers rely upon the excuse “We are just following orders”.


Where is the Government in this?
Where is WorkSafe?
Where is Fair Work?



  1. Back it up!

    What a crock! Some actual facts rather than rumours and innuendo might actually give this some credibility. I know one of the managers you mentioned involved in the Frankston “incident” quite well. What you have posted is an absolute lie! I can only imagine how you would respond if the evil Metro behaved in this manner!


  2. Mark

    Dear back it up… No need to get hysterical about the Frankston incident, the facts about the treatment of the young driver are there even you admit that. You start your statement with “some actual facts” and end it with a “absolute lie” which one is it. I will put it down to you being full of Christmas cheer as I see you posted this late on Christmas Day. The RTBU are more than willing to stand corrected but METRO won’t respond to the facts presented to them. As for your quite well known manager the ball has been in his or she’s court for some time how long does it take to remember the truth.


      • RTBU Member

        So a Manager ‘Reprimanded’ an employee who posted a ‘risque’ photo on a SHARING app from a PUBLIC account ??? I heard this photo was taken from inside a Drivers cab ? if thats correct than they had every right to take action! I don’t need my workplace being broadcast all over the Web.


      • victransportnews

        I find it interesting that you know exactly the photograph that she was ‘reprimanded’ for and are upset that your workplace has been broadcast all over the web despite the numerous publicity photos that Metro put out there of exactly that.

        Are you sure you aren’t a Metro Manager hiding under the pseudonym of “RTBU Member”?


  3. Dave

    Q. Where is the Government in this?
    A.Missing in Action
    Q. Where is WorkSafe?
    A. Busy doing to company’s bidding – as per usual!
    Q. Where is Fair Work?
    A. Busy. Figuring out new and exciting ways to screw the workers


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