A Culture of Management Bullying at Metro Trains

Since PTV forced Metro Trains to appoint an investigation (A former Victoria Police detective Senior Sergeant by the name of Val Smith), numerous allegations of bullying and harassment have come to light.

It is alleged that Senior Management of Metro Trains have been actively involved in an endemic culture of bullying Train Drivers and Junior Managers.  It is believed that several Metro Middle Managers have lodged complaints with the Minister of Transport about harassment policies of Senior Metro Management.
One source has written about a Training Manager who has lodged over 300 pages of evidence of bullying by four other managers (Including one General Manager and one Department Head.)
We have had reports of one Train Driver Manager currently on stress leave after being bullied by two managers.  Workcover is currently investigating this, and other reports.

It is believed that the investigation into this endemic culture of bullying has been extended by several weeks (now in it’s 7th week) and that Mr.Smith has stated that he is ‘overwhelmed’ by the volume and magnitude of the complaints.

It is believed that the ‘excuse’ for the bullying is that the Director of Operations at Metro and the Head of their “People and Performance” (Human Resources) ordered them to hound Train Drivers over any indiscretion or non-compliance issue, however minor or trivial.  It is believed that some Senior Driver Managers are paid large bonuses, based solely on the number of such ‘interviews’ they conduct each month.

So far, no Manager has been stood aside or dismissed.

In fact, recently it is believed that the Director of Operations Instructed a meeting of Managers not to mention the allegations of bullying and harassment to anybody and that the best policy was to ignore them as Metro would own the investigator’s report and the allegations would be found by People and Performance to be ‘unfounded’.

The Minister of Transport has been called upon to ensure that the results of the inquiry are made public, that those named are exposed as Metro workplace bullies, and that the management culture which creates, encourages and rewards it is called to account.


One comment

  1. Rod

    This has been going on since the day these parasites arrived – escalating in frequency and degree all the time.
    Drivers and trainees, and their union and health and safety reps have been bullied, stood down, disciplined and dismissed in hitherto unprecedented numbers, for increasingly tenuous ‘offences’.
    Its the ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ of the Chinese masters, their pommy lickspittles and their local collaborators.
    It’s devised and designed to make everyone intimidated and fearful of losing their jobs. It follows the dysfunctional UK model to the letter, and its gotten even worse in recent times, since the enterprise agreement expired and its started to look like the golden goose was about to be ‘plucked’ from their greedy mits!.
    So desperate have they become, that they now turn on their own and each other in an attempt to secure a place in a splintered and foundering lifeboat.
    Drowning at birth was a missed opportunity…………………but its never too late!


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